Backyard games, summer camp, trips to the pool… what's your favorite childhood memory of summer? Sooo. It&#39;s been awhile. But on june 2, since i graduated on june 4 i wanted to do something crazy. I was with my friend Marri Cooper when Megan Walker called. She asked Marz if she wanted to go become a true wildcat, immediately i jumped in and said i was going along.. So marri drove me home and we planned out our night. Since my mum was going to take my phone and ipod that night marri told me she was going to pick me up at 1 o&#39;clock. I was told to bring a face mask and a towel, to strip. Hahaha. I started to get way nervous and ran inside. I went to &quot;bed.&quot; but really i just went upstairs in my closet and drew crazy pictures. Around 12 i started to get ready. I found a mask i had made in the first grade. As i peeked down the stairs i saw that my mum was still awake!! AH! So i prayed she&#39;d go to bed... She came up to check on me around 12:30. I pretended to sleep. Success! She went to her room and turned off the light. So i crept down the stairs with my keys,<br/> opened and locked the door behind me, and sat in my honda. I sat in dark silence for nearly 20 minutes, then marri pulled up and we were off! We went to megans house and she snuck out. As we circled the school we saw nobody there, and we parked a neighborhood away. We walked away from the light next to the highway. We found a gap in the baseball fence and ran through. Then as we approached the field we heard people talking. After a little panic and lots of debate, megan hid her mask, and marched up to the field, marrri and i timidly following. At the top of the bleachers sat some boys, as we got closer they shushed up, and hid in the bleachers. We walked right up to them and asked whats up. We talked with them for about 15 minutes. And found out alot. Apoarently they were making up &quot;U&#39;s.&quot; which we didn&#39;t believe. And they told us they&#39;d leave for 25 minutes tops, after much bribing of course. As they left we watched them hide in the bushes, but fearless<br/> we stripped and put on our masks. Megan stepped into lead and started to run, we followed, and as we made our way around the track, sprinting the whole way, it felt amazing! When we finished i felt invincible! We slipped on our clothes and walked briskly to the baseball fields and then back onto Wildcat Way. As we were driving home it felt amazing!! I crept back into the house and fell asleep. The next morning i still felt pumped! And even now i feel goid about what we did. I snuck out, broke the law, jeprodized my diploma, streaked on school property, was watched by at least 12 senior boys, and GOT AWAY WITH IT! GOOOO ME!! Xox<br/>

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